Are you thinking about installing a driveway gate, but not sure whether or not you want to invest? Well, we’ve compiled a list of benefits of installing an automatic gate to help you decide.

There is no security system that cannot be disabled or broken into when a burglar has enough time. That’s why automated driveway gates are a good layer of security and if nothing else, give you more time in case of a break in or home invasion.

Don’t get bothered by solicitors and enjoy cool nights on your front porch without worrying about trespassers. With an automatic driveway gate, you can stop them before they get to your door. Additionally, depending on the style of the gate, you can block visibility to your home, increasing your privacy.

Child and Pet Safety
Keep your kids and pets safe. Rest assured knowing your kids and dogs will be safe while they are playing in the yard. Gates help keep strangers out while keeping your kids and dogs in.

With an automated driveway gate installed, you can control who has access to your driveway. An automatic gate entry system will allow you to open and close the gate in a few seconds with just a click of the remote.

Curb Appeal
Adding a driveway gate can improve the appearance of your driveway as you can see from the image above.  This is especially beneficial when it’s time to sell the home. A home with great curb appeal can attract more potential buyers to your home.

Increase Property Value
Improving curb appeal will increase your property value. For homeowners, appearance is important and having a well-maintained home with an attractive curb appeal will mean more money in your pocket as a seller.

Some insurance carriers will lower your premium if you install an automatic gate because it’s seen as added security. Check with your insurance provider after you’ve installed an automatic gate to see if you qualify for savings.

Overall, an automatic gate seems to be a good investment for safety, privacy and for the overall appeal of your home. With a little investment upfront, you’ll be rewarded both personally and financially.

To see different driveway gate style options, please visit the projects page of our website.

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