metal fabrication project

Metal Fabrication: How to Choose the Right Metal for Your Project

Metal fabrication is the process of creating products or structures by manipulating metal either by cutting, bending or assembling it.  Make no mistake about it, not all metal fabricators are created equal. The quality and types of metal they use play an important role in metal fabrication. If you’re thinking about starting a custom metal project, read on to learn the different types of metals and how to choose the right metal for your metal fabrication […]

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pergola, what you should know

Pergola Buying Guide: What You Should Know Before Buying a Pergola

Your home isn’t just the inside of your house—it includes your outdoor space too. If you want to enhance your yard’s comfort and beauty, think beyond decks and patios, and consider installing a pergola. Whether or not a pergola is right for you is up to you, but there are things to consider when either buying or building a pergola. Materials, cost, and labor are some of the things you should think about before deciding […]

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custom pergola

5 Reasons to Add a Custom Pergola to Your Home

Do you love entertaining when the weather is nice outside? Do you enjoy being outside on the patio but can’t handle the Texas heat? Do you need shade to take care of your precious plants? Then, you may consider adding a custom pergola to your home. Typically featured in large patios or decks and gardens or park areas, pergolas are large, open outdoor structures that offer versatility in design and structure. A patio pergola can […]

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