Are you in the North Texas area and are looking for a company to build a gate, fence, balcony, handrail, or a special custom metal project for your home or business? 
You’ve come to the right place! As a custom metal fabricator in the Dallas area, we specialize in custom metal projects for residential and commercial clients!

Here are some frequently asked questions to get you started and contact us when you’re ready to get started on your custom project.


Every job we do is custom tailored to each customer. It is difficult for us to give you a price quote over the phone as we need to see your property, take measurements and identify the style and materials of the project before we can give you a quote.  All of our estimates are free so do not hesitate to call us today! 214-422-5256.

Since all of our projects are custom built, the time needed to complete the project is going to depend on the complexity and style of the project.  We will give you an estimated time of completion once we meet with you, determine your needs and give you a custom estimate.

This will depend on the type of work being performed and our schedule.  Some outside work requires special city permits and/or HOA approval.  This also delays the project start date.  At the time we generate a quote, we also stipulate our projected start date.

Unfortunately, at this time we are not offering financing.  Keep checking back as we are currently looking into offering this option in the near future.

We offer a 1-year warranty on our service and labor.  Depending on the motor installed, additional manufacturing warranty may apply. We will discuss the different warranty options available during our initial consultation.

We install both electric and solar motors.  Some of the brands we use are Chamberlin, Liftmaster, AlloMatic and Viking.  We work with each customer to determine what is the best motor for their gate.

Due to our current workload, we are not able to handle repairs at this time.

Absolutely! If you have a project in mind give us a call!  We love creating unique projects with our clients!

Because every project is custom made, we require a 50% deposit upfront and final payment is due upon completion of the project.

We are currently serving the Dallas area including University Park, Highland Park, Park Cities, Preston Hollow, North Dallas, Lakewood and Lake Highlands. For a unique project that may be out of our service area, please contact us, we may be able to help!



Gate Troubleshooting Tips

When it rains, the photo eye perceives the water as an obstruction, making the gate inoperable.  By simply wiping down the photo eye and reflector, the gate should function again.  If the gate still doesn’t work, try resetting the motor. 

When a gate doesn’t open the first steps you can do are:

  • Check the circuit breaker is in the ON position.
  • Check the GFCI outlet (the outlet with two reset buttons in the middle most commonly found in the garage-press the reset button and try your gate again).
  • Check the fuses on the motor and/or circuit board (replace if the fuse if needed).
  • Push the reset button on your motor and try opening your gate again.
  • Make sure there is no obstruction that is preventing the gate to slide on the track or swing.
  • Check photoeye light. If the light is red, there is an obstruction preventing your gate to close. (even raindrops could obstruct the gate from closing-a wipe down of your photoeye or reflector should resolve the issue)
  • Push the reset button on the motor.
  • If the motor is on battery back-up, check that power supply is not OFF.
  • Check for any obstacles that may have obstructed the track.
  • Make sure the batteries in the remote don’t need to be replaced.
  • Make sure the motor is getting power.
  • Try reprogramming the remotes per manual instructions.

Check your motor’s manual for other troubleshooting questions.

Gate and Fence Preventative Maintenance

Keep the soil around the post moist, not too wet but never too dry. Try watering the post and see if it corrects itself.  If not, then call us for repair.

  • Make sure to grease your chains (slide gate) or hinges (swing gate) every three to four months.
  • Clean your track periodically to keep it free of debris.
  • In case of storms, keep your gate in the open position in case of power failures and/or track icing.

Still can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please “Get In Touch” and we will get back with you.