tandem gates

Tandem Gates for Small Driveways

Tandem Gates, a simple solution for homeowners with a small driveway. Adding a driveway gate can be beneficial to your home, they add security and privacy by providing limited access to your front or backyard. In addition, driveway gates can add value to your home by enhancing its curb appeal and some insurance providers even apply discounts for homes with gates.  With these benefits in mind, there’s no question that a driveway gate can be […]

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Iron vs wood gate

Adding a gate to your home

If you’re thinking about adding a gate to your home, with so many options to choose from, it might be overwhelming to find the best gate that works for you.  Lucky for you, we can guide you on your journey to a new gate. Wood Gates As referenced in one of our previous articles, there are many options when it comes to wood. Depending on which wood you choose, the cost can either go up […]

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What “Custom” Means in the Construction Industry

You hear the term “custom” a lot from builders, contractors and manufacturers, but few of us know they mean when they say custom built. The word custom as an adjective means “made specially for individual customers.” To understand the term, first, we must examine the different types of construction projects or builds. Production built – A production built home or home improvement project is one which has been designed and built in mass quantities. Because […]

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